Pasty Kay wifey sky Sky Ruthra 506 P Y K

Life goes on pasty Kay and sky started dating when sky was at her village,

Until sky came back to Lusaka they started dating for a year.People always fight there relationshipBut they are living a happy life,

People are against them but the guy keeps saying I will never live sky no matter what comes our way,

I will always love her cause she is the woman of my life,She is a lady who takes care of me each dayPeople will say this and this ,

But she will always be in my mind Our love will never endUntil the sun kisses the ground ,

Days back someone wanted to separate pasty Kay and sky and sky also wanted to give up,

But the man became strong until now there still together,

There love will never die cause they put everything in God’s hand nothing will make them get them separated in life

Pasty Kay wifey sky Sky Ruthra 506 P Y K

Sky Ruthra was born in June 26 year 2004

Pasty Kay was born in June 25 year 2000

Pasty Kay stenting 506 P Y K 2019

Sky Ruthra stenti music 2021

Pasty Kay wifey Sky Ruthra 506 P Y K

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