News : Macky 2

“On The 5th Of June 2022 I Will
Release My Last Album And Retire…”
– Says Macky 2

Zambia’s top hiphop music artist Mulaza Kaira
famously known by his stage pseudonyms, MK
Macky 2, Flava Boy or Dj Bugar has unveiled
that he is ceasing from actively making music
this coming month of June 2022.
To cut the story brusque, below is what he
writes on his facebook page:
“Happy Sunday To Everyone Who Prayed For
The Down Fall Of KMP.. Your Prayers Are
The Most Powerful Music Promotion Company
We Have Ever Seen In Zambia Is Crashing Down
Before Our Very Eyes.. The Company That Has
Changed The Lives Of Over 50 Prominent
Zambian Artists Is Now Losing Its Grip And Can
Barely Stand. The Company That Brought So
Much Development And Pride To Zambian
Music Is Being Torn Down Instead Of
Encouraged. To Our Chairman Mr Kalandanya..
Thankyou For Believing In Us And Investing
Your Hard Earned Money In An Industry That
Has Never Been Considered Lucrative. Thankyou
For Single Handedly Changing The Face Of
Zambian Music. Thankyou For Sacrificing
Everything.. I Personally Will Understand If You
Never Want To Involve Yourself Ever Again After
All The Dirty That Has Been Put On Your Name
Apa Pakati.. I Guess They Will Only Appreciate
You When You Decide To Leave.. You Are A
Hero In My Eyes And One Day Your Story Will
Be Told.
To All Zambian Music/ Macky2 Fans.. I Have
Given This Industry My All And It Has Given Me
Back So Much More. Now Its Time For Me To
Step Back And Watch From The Background.
But Before I Go..
On The 5th Of June 2022 I Will Release My Last
Album And Retire From Actively Making Music..
Its Been A Beautiful Journey.. But I Ran My
Race And Now Its Time To Pass The Baton. Olo
The Torch.
5 – 06 – 2022
Save The Date.

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